Clash of Coders



Clash of Coders is an FTC team located in San Antonio, TX that was established in 2015. They began in FLL and moved on to FTC as they gained experience. Throughout their years as a FIRST team, each member of the team has enjoyed every last second from the beginning of the season to the end. They have earned awards like the Think award and 2nd Inspire and made it to Worlds in 2019.


Here on the Clash of Coders website, we try to provide as many resources for new teams or those who are interested in starting a team. There are many things to consider as a team begins, and we are here to help those who need it.



FIRST is a nonprofit organization that puts these robotics competition together. It is what allows for thousands of teams each in the different competitions—FLL, FTC, and FRC—to come together and make friendships as well as friendly competition.

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